MAIN PARTS: Power steering pump, power steering rack and pinion, power steering gear box
MAIN PARTS: Power steering pump, power steering rack and pinion, power steering gear box
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Main Parts

bpapimgbrake system: brake disc,brake shoes,brake lines,brake pad,brake drum,brake cylinder master,brake cable

suspension parts:
ball joint,control arm,suspension bushings,stabilizer link,shock absorber,stabilizer bushings,anti-dusty rubber,shock absorber rubber,suspension busings kits

steering parts:
tie rod assembly,axial rod,tie rod end,center link,pitman arm,idler arm,steering boot,steering box,power steering pump,p/s reseviour,idler arm bushing

engine parts:
engine mounting,engine seat,cylinder head gasket,cylinder head,full gasket set,air filter,fuel filter,oil filter

ignition parts:
ignition coil,ignition switch,ignition distributor,condenser

body parts:
door handle,fender,door,hood,front bumper,grille,rear bumper,front panel,rear panel,front wall,rear wall,pedal pad, mudguard,winder lifter,head lamp,rear lamp,fog lamp,signal lamp,inner mirror,side mirror.

Guangzhou New Air Autoparts co ltd deal with all kinds of auto parts with reliable quality , favorable price. Our goods are sold home and abroad with a good reputation since company has found 10 years.We are as a manufacture to produce power steering pump for all cars and trucks including European, American, German, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, homemade, and Touareg for 10 years. as the business enlarging, we are expanding our escope to many parts,especailly for chassis parts. We can get the amazing price from the suppliers with a long-term cooperation relationship and our abundant experience.New Air autoparts are always keeping pace with latest world trend, Our products are of superior quality, Reasonable price, And timely delivery. We warmly welcome customers to order and purchase our products, Quick & excellent service is our aim.

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Guangzhou New Air AutoParts Co,.LTD
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